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Simon Rythm Opens Up New Chapter With ‘The Future World’!

In the dance music scene, it is not uncommon for artists to switch up their style or embark on new projects. This trend was most recently exemplified by Nicaraguan-American artist Carnage, who transitioned to a new style and adopted the name GORDO. Now, another artist following this pattern and embarking on a fresh venture with a clean slate is none other than Simon Postma.

Formerly known as Mime Hard, he has rebranded himself as Simon Rythm. This Dutch talent boasts over a decade of experience in the scene, a period that has allowed him to flourish as an artist and undergo significant evolution. Simon Rythm is not one to rest on his laurels; he has now emerged, fully embracing his new identity and is poised to step into the limelight with the release of his latest single, ‘The Future World’.

Released on Eessa Ltd, this single serves as a perfect debut for his new project. Clocking in at just under 3 minutes, this release is an electrifying fusion of future house and electro house, expertly blending elements from both genres into a polished production. Throughout the track, you’ll find infectious vocal samples that enhance its memorability, but it truly shines in its powerful synths and hard-hitting basslines.

Stream this single below.

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