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Sir Trevor James Pays Tribute To Chicago House With New Album

After disco became less popular, Chicago saw the rise of another dance music genre and that was house. Made famous during the late 1980s by trendsetting DJs and producers such as Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, and Phuture, house music would go on to take over the world, became one of the most loves genres of music completely. Now, with so many different variations of house, it’s always nice to pay tribute to beginning of the sound and that is exactly what Sir Trevor James does with his brand new album ‘House Sweet House’.

Perfectly titled, ‘House Sweet House’ is an experimental album created by Sir Trevor James in collaboration with Blue Door Studios Chicago. For this album, Sir Trevor James wanted to bring to life all the different elements of the iconic Chicago house music sound while also dipping in and out of some others to add a unique flavor. Comprising of 11 tracks in total, this album is a wonderful showcase of the talents and knowledge that Sir Trevor James holds as a producer and artist.

The album kicks off with ‘Creative Lust’, the perfect introduction to what is to come. Catchy basslines, subtle vocals samples and four on the floor beats are the main ingredient for this and what’s to come. The tempo is then taken up a notch with the energetic singles ‘Timeless’ and ‘Nostalgia’ before ‘I Want You To Love’ comes as a breather with catchy vocals. More funk and groove is delivered the next set of tracks before we end things with the exceptional ‘Before I Go’. An incredible selection of tracks that blend and mesh together as one, this album is a testament to what Sir Trevor James can create when in the studio.

Stream this album below.

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