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Slarsson Drops Highly Energetic New Single ‘Do It, Don’t Stop’!

To kick off the brand new decade, Slarsson has decided to finally release his very first original solo production and it does not disappoint. Although his productions contain lots of high energy tones and massive heart-racing drops, his two previous uploads paid tribute to one of his biggest inspirations, Avicii. The Swedish artist Slarsson gets his inspiration from Avicii and adds similar infectious melodies and catchy chords into his productions but unlike his fellow Swede, Slarsson takes those catchy melodies and flips them on their head by combining them with powerful synths at a high energy tempo.

Do It, Don’t Stop’ introduces us to Slarsson‘s signature sound with ease. The Swedish artist takes little time to introduce us to his sound by kicking the single off with a catchy pluck melody. This then leads seamlessly into the build-up with rising synths building tension. The drop hits lots of power as an offbeat bassline is introduced to maximize the energy. Combing this offbeat bass with the prevously introduced catchy melody and some powerful synths makes for a dominant production, ready for any festival stage. Make sure to keep a close eye on this emerging talent as there will be more to come soon!

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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