Smorphya Delivers Power & Energy With New Single ‘Mhercy’!

Smorphya Delivers Power & Energy With New Single ‘Mhercy’!

Smorphya, the project from Italian artist Francesco Morosini was created in the 1990s and has been a roaring success ever since. Although his Spotify discography only dates back to the start of this year, Smorphya has created over 130 singles and has performed to hundreds of crowds across Europe such as The Best Zagreb (Croatia), Rumors (France), Street Parade 97 (Switzerland), and many more. This kind of experience and talent certainly shines through when he uploaded his first EP to Spotify titled ‘The New Journey’. With each release Smorphya can’t stop impressing us and his latest, ‘Mhercy’, is no exception.

Smorphya sets the tone right away with dramatic atmospheric sounds that slowly lead into the amazing female vocals. Each second that passes, Smorphya manages to keep the tension building and it all leads to the main section when it all comes crashing into a deep and powerful bassline section. Smorphya also sprinkes in some melodies through the single to keep the listener on their toes. A fantastic single from Smorphya, we can’t wait to hear more from him.

Stream this single below and grab your download here.

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