Sol Echo Unveil Debut Single ‘Don’t Look Back’ Alongside ‘Interlock’ Live Set!

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Sol Echo Unveil Debut Single ‘Don’t Look Back’ Alongside ‘Interlock’ Live Set!

Making their debut in spectacular style, welcome the duo of Jeff Anguil and David Keane who will be known as Sol Echo. When it comes to making a first impression your debut single is where you need to hit the ground running and this Milwaukee-based duo does exactly that as they deliver a magical piece of progressive house goodness in the form of ‘Don’t Look Back’.

Formed in 2020, Sol Echo entered the studio during lockdowns and decided to lock themselves in there until they had got their perfected debut single and they did just that. With the sky as their limit, they created a vocal anthem that grabs your attention right from the start. They let the female take center stage but when the time is right they build anticipation for the drop and it does not disappoint. As a beautiful melody then gets introduced as clean and tasty synths are used for it. A wonderful debut single, we can’t wait to hear much more from this growing act.

Not only does this single show the prowess that these two have within the studio, but they also decided to create and release an amazing live set showcasing what the duo can do on stage. The performance kicks off with ‘Don’t Look Back’ and as it progresses the duo unveils more unreleased music as they show off their live skills.

Watch the full live set below.

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