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Spartaque Launches New Modular States Record Label!

Spartaque, a well-known figure in the techno scene, has taken a big step by starting his new record label called Modular States. His goal is to bring together the North American and European music scenes using his extensive knowledge and experience.

Spartaque has spent years honing his unique sound and making a name for himself. He has pushed the boundaries of techno and electronic music globally, not only in his hometown of Kharkiv, Ukraine, but also in different parts of the world. His career took off when he performed in front of a massive audience of 30,000 people in Kharkiv’s central square. This unforgettable moment fueled his passion and drive.

In addition to his successful music releases and performances at popular clubs, Spartaque has added the role of label head to his accomplishments with Codex, a division of IAMT Music Group. Codex has already released many exciting tracks from both emerging and established artists, gaining support from influential figures in the industry. Building on his achievements, Spartaque now sets his sights on the North American market with Modular States.

Modular States aims to promote collaboration and unity among artists from different parts of the world. This will be achieved through music releases on the label and by bringing artists together at festivals and label events. The goal is to provide valuable international exposure for both North American and European talents. This innovative approach will introduce European techno fans to the unique sounds of the North American scene and vice versa. Spartaque is at the forefront of this movement, paving the way for a new era in the techno community on both sides of the Atlantic.

Keep an eye out for Spartaque‘s groundbreaking projects with Modular States, and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram for the latest updates.

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