Spencer Brown Debuts on Factory 93 Records With Sax-Infused Melodic Techno Single ‘Thanks, Guy’!

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Spencer Brown Debuts on Factory 93 Records With Sax-Infused Melodic Techno Single ‘Thanks, Guy’!

Spencer Brown runs a through-line between techno, house, and progressive on his sax-infused single, ‘Thanks, Guy’, the third release to materialize on the newly minted Factory 93 Records imprint.

We are fast approaching a full decade since the prolific producer Spencer Brown first laid the foundation for a highly sought-after sound steeped in progressive ingenuity. His inclination to keep a safe distance from influences that are ephemeral by nature has afforded him an unwavering authenticity while venturing from uplifting house grooves to darker hues of techno. Staying grounded is, in fact, the very glue holding his dynamic discography into one cohesive yet welcomingly defiant body of work. The West Coast-based phenom is now weaving a thread through more discerning elements as he crafts a majestic melodic techno offering serving as his debut appearance on Factory 93.

Brimming with class and pristine character, ‘Thanks, Guy’ is a stellar roller that finds a delicate balance between easily excitable and calm and collected. A smooth salutation of sorts shows its face by way of a saucy saxophone riff, whose intermittent embellishments bask in the warm glow of ethereal pads, frothy synth progressions, crisp percussive patterns, and a heady inflow of progressive-laden melodies crafted by one of its finest authorities. It should hit the sweet spot for anyone with a refined palette. Whether the nuanced number happens to greet the sunset-chasing crowd or finds its way over to the late-night fare at a low-key after hours, one thing’s for sure: this glistening gem possesses the power to speak to both hypothetical scenarios equally.

“It’s an honor that Factory 93 reached out for music when they were launching the label,” says Spencer Brown. “Having been to many of their parties as both a fan and as a performer, it felt like a perfect home for ‘Thanks, Guy,’ which sits somewhere between progressive, house, and techno. The record was written peak pandemic with endless studio time and no crowds, so I look forward to playing this one out for actual dancing humans!”

From now until Fall, Spencer Brown has a string of North American dates lined up from his own stomping grounds in San Francisco all the way to the opposite end of the country in Brooklyn. During the Memorial Day festivities, he will be joining the Factory 93 team for a special Skyline show at Vanguard, alongside an all-star cast of selectors including Maceo Plex, The Martinez Brothers, Lee Foss, BLOND:ISH, DJ Tennis, and many more. His Friday set on the Alley stage should already go down as an unforgettable highlight, considering those in attendance will have the privilege of extending their gratitude in the flesh once the sassy saxophone from his “Thanks, Guy” single finally fulfills the purpose it was intended for. Hopefully you’re one of the lucky few who has the option to thank Spencer Brown in person.

Stream all your favorite techno tracks in the playlist below – follow here.

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