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Steve Aoki Releases 8th Studio Album ‘HiROQUEST 2: Double Helix’!

2x-GRAMMY-nominated artist and producer Steve Aoki shares his 8th studio album ‘HiROQUEST 2: Double Helix’ with collaborations from Paris Hilton, Akon, Ángela Aguilar, Danna Paola, Greeicy, Galantis, JJ Lin, Hayley Kiyoko, Galantis, Timmy Trumpet, and John Martin. Released alongside the new LP, his new single ‘Us’ featuring country music singer ERNEST is accompanied by a music video from filmmaker and photographer Val Vega. The track spans multiple genres, bridging country with Aoki’s EDM sensibilities to create a new and exciting musical fusion.

Aoki on the collaboration“I’ve been a huge fan of ERNEST’s songwriting for a while so when I first heard him singing on the demo of this song, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to work together. Regardless of the music genre, his lyrics and vocal delivery work perfectly.  Together we were able to create a song that feels authentically dance while maintaining his country roots.”

“I’m stoked to have this song coming out,” shares ERNEST. “We wrote it a couple years ago in the middle of Covid, and when we wrote it I knew that I wanted it to live in some capacity. I’m such a fan of Steve’s music, so when he reached out about putting it out together, I was ecstatic! The song brings together country and dance in a fun and playful way.

‘HiROQUEST 2: Double Helix’ takes inspiration from both nostalgia and the dynamic sounds of contemporary dance, Latin music and more. It seamlessly integrates these elements with the diverse cultural influences Aoki has encountered during his extensive global touring, performing over 200 shows a year worldwide. The first ‘HiROQUEST’ drew from Aoki’s alternative music and punk band roots. With ‘Double Helix,’ the story advances, expanding both the sonic palette and the narrative of Hiro.

Aoki on the album: “HiROQUEST is an IP I’ve created to tell these unique stories. On my new album, I’ve been inspired by the past and the present, with Latin and dance collaborations at the core. These sounds are staples in my sets around the world and they allow me to connect with audiences on a truly global level.”

‘HiROQUEST 2: Double Helix’ builds off of the rich storytelling Aoki established on ‘HiROQUEST: Genesis,’ Aoki’s expansive world-building album. The epic sequel unfurls the thrilling tale of Hiro’s relentless pursuit and confrontation with his sinister arch-nemesis, Hyro. Hiro continues to embark on a daring odyssey, driven by the pursuit of more legendary Pullet Rings, while facing off against the formidable Hyro and armies hailing from five uncharted mythological realms, each ruled by a unique and powerful faction: the enigmatic Amphibians of PROTEA, the enchanting Fairies of BLOODLINS, the colossal Giants of GRAVITONS, the mischievous Goblins of GREMBOLDS, and the mystic Witches & Wizards of SHAMASAYA.

Building upon Steve’s deep passion for card collecting, this exciting venture goes beyond the music itself.  Fans can take the next step in their HiROQUEST journey with the pre-order of the HiROQUEST Collectors Edition, officially live on November 21st, 2023. This Collectors Edition includes an exclusive HiROQUEST CD, the official HiROQUEST GRAPHIC NOVEL, and four ultra-rare Kolex trading cards from an exclusive 12-card set. Each Collectors Edition will also contain 4 cards, including numbered chase cards for those lucky enough to find them. The novel was written by Aoki, alongside former Creative Director for Marvel Comics, New York Times Bestseller, and Eisner Award recipient for Best Graphic Novel, Jim Kreuger. 

Los Angeles fans will be able to experience the world of ‘HiROQUEST’ this November 19th, at the HiROQUEST Genesis Pop-Up Event in Los Angeles. Attendees will have the chance to claim digital promo cards for the first five factions, immerse themselves in various activities, contribute to a collaborative illustration wall, explore merchandise, and meet dedicated HiROQUEST cosplayers. The boldest fans will have a sixth card and the opportunity to meet and hear an exclusive first listen of the new album from the Final Boss and Maker of HiROQUEST, Steve Aoki.

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