Sun Unveils Stunning Second Single ‘Broken Heart’!

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Sun Unveils Stunning Second Single ‘Broken Heart’!

March 2021 marked the debut of the anonymous producer Sun, an Israeli talent who mainly works within the melodic techno and house genres. His first single, ‘Rising Sun’, was an incredible first outing and he made the perfect first impression with it. Now aiming to follow up in style, Sun now unveils his second release, the amazing ‘Broken Heart’.

Although not much is known about Sun, for his production style he loves to combine elements of progressive house and techno with a hint of ethnic grooves. Over the past couple of years, Sun has been working hard behind the scenes to polish his production skills and after careful consideration, he decided that 2021 will be his year to shine.

‘Broken Heart’ is another perfect showcase of Sun‘s production style, a magnificent ethnic progressive house production. Sun perfectly combines progressive styles and layout with ethnic synths and the end result is something out of this world. The way Sun uses each elements through the single to create a journey-like production works perfectly. The driving bass line tops the single off perfectly. Working for so long on new music, we can’t wait to hear what’s going to come from this emerging artist.

Stream this single below.

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