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SUNGYOO & Pure 100% Team Up On Melodic Bass Single ‘Somehow’!

The Korean music scene just got another thrilling boost with Pure 100%‘s latest collaboration. Hot on the heels of his successful ‘Swing’ release with Advanced, Pure 100% is back, this time joining forces with the equally talented SUNGYOO. Their new track, ‘Somehow’, is a melodic bass sensation that showcases the best of both artists.

It’s surprising that these two haven’t collaborated sooner, given the stunning outcome of ‘Somehow’. They’ve expertly blended their unique styles, pushing the boundaries of their usual sound to create something truly special. The track is a journey of emotion, thanks to its heart-touching female vocals, set against a backdrop of rich, melodic synths.

The essence of ‘Somehow’ lies in its ability to evoke deep feelings. The lyrics build up a poignant mood, which explodes into euphoria with its playful vocal chops and uplifting melodies during the drops. This track is not just a collaboration; it’s a symphony of emotion and melody. Fans are eagerly hoping this isn’t the last time these two talented artists come together to create musical magic.

Stream this single below.

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