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Suray’s Record Label Chakra Records Celebrates Its 1-Year Anniversary!

Founded 1 year ago in March 2020, Chakra Records by Suray has been on a mission to deliver the highest quality releases in the electronic dance music scene and there is no arguing against it. With 52 releases in total, Chakra Records has welcomed newcomers onto the scene such as Dharmik, Armate, Lorjs, Arshan, and many many more. Now only a place for emerging and rising artists, Chakra Records has proved to be a place for veterans to release their music too, with Suray using it as his own home for releases over the past year.

With an emphasis on rising artists and giving them platforms to unleash their sounds, Suray‘s Chakra Records has already amassed millions of streams within the first twelve months. With these kinds of results within the first 12 months, the future is looking bright for this record label. With these results, emerging artists are lining up to have their music on the label, so why not join them? Send your demos here:


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