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Swedish House Mafia Teasing New Shows!

After releasing their first tracks since 2012 in the form of ‘It Gets Better’ and ‘Lifetime’, Swedish House Mafia teased fans with an upcoming single alongside superstar The Weeknd. With that in mind, it seems that the Swedes are now planning a global set of shows, with rumors circulating online of the trio performing in Europe and the USA.

It cannot be said how effective the marketing for whatever Swedish House Mafia does brings a huge level of anticipation and hype across the globe. When the trio split in 2013 and reunited in 2018, subtle yet obvious signs were trickled all across the globe with the trio’s three dots at the forefront, spreading rumors which would then turn into a reality as the legendary group would announce multiple worldwide tour dates. Now with new music unleashed and massive collaborations incoming, it seems the trio are gearing up for another round of dates across the world.

Rumors of new shows began to circulate when images and videos surfaced online of the Swedes’ name outside venues in Amsterdam and London. Much like the previous teasers back in 2019, the name of the trio has now appeared all over the world, with sightings in Madrid, Houston, Miami, San Diego, and Las Vegas. It has not been fully confirmed but we can only speculate that this means a number of shows will be announced and with new music on the horizon this is the perfect time to be a Swedish House Mafia fan.

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