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Take Note Make Their Debut With Fresh And Unique Tech House Single ‘The Lord’s House’!

When it comes to creating music, the boundaries are truly endless. That’s why when we come across something so fresh and unique, you get a genuine shock. That is the case when we hit play on the brand new debut record from Taiwanese double act Take Note titled ‘The Lord’s House’.

For this single, Take Note manage to seamlessly and perfectly blend elements of both tech house and gospel, creating a bouncy, funky, and groovy dancefloor single that would have any crowd in the palm of their hand. Creatively using gospel and choir vocals and chopping them up to perfection, while also layering a bouncy and groovy bassline that plays underneath, resulting in a single that we can’t stop repeating. The break down is one of the most powerful we’ve heard in quite some time, and it has left us singing it over and over again. Their next single is already slated for May, with a follow up just in time for summer, making Take Note an act to definitely keep an eye on! 

Stream this single below.

For those eagerly awaiting a fresh act to take the Taiwanese tech-house scene by storm, Take Note does not disappoint. With established solo careers, extensive experience as resident DJs at Taiwan’s hottest clubs, and successful original releases on renowned labels like Revealed Records, Warner Music, and Monstercat, the duo has already garnered a loyal following. They’ve even been featured on platforms such as the BBC and KKBox, with tracks boasting over 300,000 streams. Since joining forces, Take Note has elevated their production value, attention to detail, and infectious energy and ideas. Drawing inspiration from artists like Don’t Blink and San Pacho, they’ve infused their unique twist into tech-house. Undoubtedly, Take Note is one of Taiwan’s most electrifying acts in recent years, and this is only the beginning of what promises to be an incredible journey for the duo.

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