Tanucci Releases Awesome Piano-Driven Single ‘Sissu’!

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Tanucci Releases Awesome Piano-Driven Single ‘Sissu’!

Anthony “Tanucci” Antonucci was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Staten Island, NY. He found a love for music at a very young age and began to DJ at just 8 years old. In 2013, at the age of 15, he started to branch out and produce electronic dance music. After graduating high school in 2016, he worked in the construction industry to fund his passion and upgrade his DJ equipment and build his home-studio, while making music and DJing after work. In 2019, at the age of 21, he decided it was time to produce and DJ full time and left his job to pursue his dream. With several years between his uploads, Tanucci ended 2019 on a high with first solo original production entitled ‘Sissu’.

‘Sissu’ kicks off at a high tempo with simple but effective drum work and a bassline setting the tone for this production. It doesn’t take too long before Tanucci heads towards the breakdown by leaving some clapping pon loop while he filters in a piano synth. This piano synth brings the production to live and takes centre stage while being backed by a groovy bassline and some subtle synths. The high tempo set at the start combined with an infectious piano melody makes for a very high-quality track. With more releases scheduled in the coming months, Tanucci should be on your ones to watch in 2020 lists.

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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