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Team Shawn Showcases Talent And Diversity With New Single ‘Three Words’!

Ever since his debut in 2022 with the release of ‘All Or Nothing’, masked artist Team Shawn has not been afraid to switch things up when it comes to the styles and genres that he works on. Whether it’s a future house single, a progressive house anthem, or an addictive slap house number, Team Shawn‘s talent and diversity is on show with each and every release that he puts out. Now following up for this 2nd single of 2023, Team Shawn revisits the future bass style that he made his debut with, delivering the amazing ‘Three Words’.

‘Three Words’ is a very powerful single with a gripping vocal performance that is equally matched with a stellar production. Melodic tones are set right from the start with the vocals given time to take center stage and make this single instantly catchy and memorable. As the single progresses, Team Shawn injects power and euphoria into it with the drop. Subtly heavy basslines and kicks are paired with sultry and uplifting synths that work in tandem to form something truly special. Another amazing single, this is just the start for Team Shawn as he promises for music to come.

Stream this single below.

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