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Teho Unveils Third Studio Album Titled ‘Shifting’

Having already impressed with his previous albums ‘Infinity’ and ‘Polytone’, Teho presents us with his most exciting project to date, his third studio album titled ‘Shifting’. The build for this album began all the way back in October 2023 with the release of the single ‘Lyra’ and now the wait is finally over as Teho gives us the 13 track album in its entirety,

The album shows Teho‘s growth as an artist, continuously evolving both personally and sonically as a producer. Always one to take us on a journey with his music, Teho wanted to understand his deepest fears, anxieties and traumas, but above all, to heal them. Crossing bright phases full of hope contrasted by darker moments where fury takes over, ‘Shifting’ is the reflection of a quest towards inner peace, and of a cure which would recover the traumas of an artist who does not understand not the reasons for his unhappiness when everything seems to be smiling on him.

With 13 tracks total, it’s hard not to get caught on this journey of sound. As you listen you’ll notice each single meticulously blending together to bring you on that journey. Deep and melodic tones are found at the heart of this all with rhythmic and groovy elements carrying that dancefloor flavor. Another tremendous piece of music, Teho knocks it out of the park with this one.

Stream this album below.

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