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Tensteps Offers Up His Top 10 Tracks Of 2022!

We bid farewell to 2022 in the best way we know how: with music. This time, Tensteps has prepared a list of his top 10 best songs of the year to get ready to welcome 2023!

Ben Gold – Rest Of Our Lives
“The vocals in this song are so catchy, and the production of the track is super clean with a memorable synth melody.”

Andrew Rayel ft. AIDYL – Feels Like Home
“Aside from being a super well-written song, having seen Andrew dedicate this one to his new wife a few times this year, it’s clear how much the song means to him, and in my opinion, that emotional connection is passed onto the listener.”

Taylor Torrence & EKE – Turbulence
“Melodic Techno hasn’t really been my thing, but this one got me. The vocals are silky smooth, and the production warmly wraps itself around EKE’s voice while still delivering a banging track.”

Spencer Newell ft. Sarah de Warren – Home Again
“A memorable melody meets Sarah’s usual perfectly-delivered vocal performance. One of the best uplifting tracks of the year, in my opinion.”

Jeffrey Sutorius ft. Haliene – Kings (Tensteps Remix)
“My favorite remix I did this year. Working with Haliene’s voice is always such a nice experience, because her performance is always so solid. When a great topline meets a great track, you have a recipe for an amazing song and that’s what I feel like we delivered to fans here.”

Tensteps & Dean Chalmers – Chasing Fires
“I was so excited to release this one earlier this year, and the fan response was incredible. Dean nailed the vocals for this, and the production came out exactly the way I wanted it too – clean, punchy, and full.”

Bodgan Vix & Claudiu Adam & Ava Silver – Do It All Again
“When I heard this track in my promo inbox, I knew immediately this was going to be one of the ones that ended up in my 2022-year mix. It took the title of “Top Track” of that month’s episode of my radio show ‘Ten On Ten’, and it’s flawless vocals and production earned it a spot on my 2022 favorites list.”

Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon (Blastoyz Remix)
“I have a strong emotional connection to the original Sun & Moon, as it’s the first Trance record I ever heard, and the one that got me into the genre. The Blastoyz remix was not something I expected at all from the Anjuna crew, but it blew my mind instantly and went straight into my favorites folder. Impeccable production with a healthy dose of nostalgia for one of my all-time favorite Trance records.”

Corti Organ & Tensteps ft. Diana Inez – Still Standing
“After almost 4 years on Find Your Harmony, my labelmates Corti Organ and I, finally got around to working together on a track, and I’m so happy with how it came out. The Corti guys are so talented in the studio and Diana nailed the writing for this one; and between all of us I think we managed to cook up something really cool, not just for our fans, but for the whole Find Your Harmony family.”

Ashley Wallbridge & John Weber ft. Bodine – Flashing Lights
“If I had to pick a favorite track for the year, this would certainly be a top contender. Masterful production, amazing vocals; there’s literally nothing I don’t like about this record, which is probably why it’s been on repeat for so much of this year on my Spotify.”

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