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Terry Golden Talks About His Latest Transformation, Challenges Faced, What’s To Come & More!

Terry Golden, the Danish DJ and producer, has recently transformed his image and adopted a new persona, the modern Viking warrior. With a unique blend of Progressive and Melodic Techno, Terry‘s music has gained recognition from major electronic music giants such as David Guetta, Don Diablo, Ferry Corsten, Yves V, and more. In this exclusive interview, Terry shares his inspiration for adopting his new persona, the creative process behind designing his new branding and visuals, and how it has impacted his live performances. He also discusses the incorporation of his Nordic and Scandinavian roots into his music and how he hopes his fans will connect with his new image and message. Let’s dive in and hear from Terry Golden himself.

Hi Terry, how are you?
Hi there, I’m doing great, thanks for having me. Summer is coming, and that is just the best time of the year!

What inspired you to transform your branding and look into a modern Viking warrior?
As a Danish artist, I wanted to pay homage to my Nordic and Scandinavian roots through my music and branding. The Viking culture has always been a source of inspiration for me, and I felt like it was the perfect symbol to represent my music and my identity as an artist. I also wanted to create a strong visual identity that would capture the attention of my audience and help me stand out in a crowded Electronic music scene. The Golden look on top, is really a reflection of my name, and of course parallels to the Mayan and Inca culture, which in many ways has a place in my music as well.

How do you feel about the new persona and how has it impacted your live performances?
I feel very excited and empowered by my new persona. It has given me a sense of confidence and strength that I bring to my live performances. I’ve noticed that the audience reacts really positively to the new image, and it has helped me connect with them on a deeper and different level.

Did you face any challenges when creating this new image? How did you overcome them?
The biggest challenge was finding the right balance between staying true to my Nordic roots and creating a modern, relevant image. I wanted to avoid being too cliché or stereotypical, while still honoring my heritage. To overcome this, I collaborated with a team of designers and stylists who helped me develop a unique and authentic visual identity.

Can you tell us about the process of designing and developing your new visuals?
The process was very collaborative and involved a lot of experimentation. We started with some basic concepts and ideas, and then gradually refined them through multiple rounds of feedback and iteration. We drew inspiration from a variety of sources, including Nordic and Mayan mythology, and the dark side of modern contemporary art.

How do you incorporate your Nordic and Scandinavian roots into your music and live performances?
I incorporate my Nordic and Scandinavian roots into my music, by using traditional tribal instruments and melodies, as well as, incorporating elements from nature. I also draw inspiration from the landscape and natural beauty of Denmark and Scandinavia. During live performances, I try to create an immersive experience that transports the audience to a different world – it’s a good combination between my Progressive and Melodic sound, visuals, and my persona, it’s not just another DJ, it’s an experience people hopefully will remember.

What do you hope your fans take away from your new image and how has their reaction been so far?
I hope my fans take away a sense of empowerment and inspiration from my new image. I want to encourage them to embrace their own cultural identity and to be proud of who they are. So far, the reaction has been very positive, and I’ve received a lot of support from fans who appreciate the new direction.

Can you tell us about any specific moments where you felt like your new image and persona really came to life during a live performance?
One specific moment that stands out was during my Ultra Miami performance where I came out on stage dressed in full Viking warrior attire. We have created a special intro, which involved the fans, so the energy in the crowd was electric, and I felt like I was really embodying the spirit of the Nordic culture.

What have been the biggest surprises or unexpected outcomes since you launched your new persona?
The biggest surprise has been the amount of attention and media coverage that my new image has generated. I didn’t expect it to resonate so strongly with people, but it has been amazing to see the positive response. On the practical side, it’s also a lot of work before and after getting ready, and most importantly, getting it all off after my shows – but as long my fans go home with a special feeling and experience, it’s really a small thing.

How does your new image and persona tie into the message or themes that you want to convey through your music?
My new image ties into the message of strength, courage, and resilience that I try to convey through my music. The Viking warrior is a symbol of these qualities, and I hope that my fans are inspired to channel their own inner warrior spirit through my music.
Can you tell us about any upcoming shows or festivals where fans can experience your new image and persona?
I have a number of shows and festivals coming up where fans can experience my new image and persona, and we just launched a new website, which will be updated soon with the upcoming shows and festivals. I’m really excited to share my music and my message with as many people as possible.

We’ve had an interesting conversation with Terry Golden, as he talked more about his transformation into the modern Viking warrior, that proves his connection to his Nordic and Scandinavian roots, and his commitment to delivering an immersive and unforgettable experience to his fans. We look forward to seeing Terry‘s new image and branding come to life in his upcoming shows and festivals, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Thanks, Terry, for sharing your story with us!

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