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The Alexsander Talks About His New Single, Upcoming NFT Album, Favorite Artists & More!

The Alexsander is a Swedish Persian DJ and Producer who’s released on some of the world’s biggest labels like Suara, Armada, and AFTR:HRS. Now with a recent track ‘Solana’ coming out on his own label Hypnotic Rhythm, we caught up with him to find out about his upcoming LP later in the year, his interest with NFTs and the new opportunities they create, and what else he has planned for the rest of the year.

Hey! Good to chat with you The Alexsander 🙂 How is all with you right now?
Great! Productive and focused on music, shows, and upcoming plans for NFT projects, record label releases, and my album BACK IN TIME.

You’ve just released your track “Solana” feat. Oldmark. This is the second track from your NFT album. Could you tell me more about this project?
So the NFT album BACK IN TIME is a 9 track album of songs that will be released throughout the end of 2022. All releases will be out before the end of the year, and afterwards for 30 days, anyone who’s interested can bid on each song that is an NFT, and the highest bid will get the % ownership for life of streaming and master sales. Plus other perks like access to me, my gigs around the world, promos from my label and more.

What inspired you to release your music this way?
I always been interested in technology and when I saw the opportunity with NFTs and how you can involve and build communities around, it was something I wanted to try. 

Do you think that moving forward, more people will be inspired by what you’re doing?
I hope so, we live in uncertain times and a great way to build passive income and include fans is by releasing like this. I believe the power is in co creation of projects and making fans involved in any kind of way, both for them to make passive income, but also be the supporter throughout the artist journey.

What is favourite piece of NFT art?
Must say Beeple 5000 days is pretty dope. Just for the fact of the idea behind it, for that time plus the exposure it got for the NFT industry.

Tell us more about this specific track and how it was made?
Solana was made together with my latest signee to my record label Hypnotic Rhythm. We both like the Solana crypto and wanted to make something that is still our style, but with a epic feeling and with the idea that Solana would be a female digital avatar. In this case of the song she’s the vocoder that you hear in the break.

Anyone who buys this NFT gets a lifetime pass to your shows. Where will you be playing over the next few months?
Yes that is correct. I will be playing in Sweden, Spain and more places around Europe. But 2023 is the main target with shows.

What has been your favourite club to play in in your career and what made it so special?
Lure LA, Exchange LA, great clubs, big venues and big sound systems. Great experience and cool crowds.

Who was your favourite DJ growing up?
My favorite DJ when I was growing up was probably Steve Angello, since I’m from the same neighborhood as him. And he inspired me to go for making music and DJing.

Name your 5 favourite artists growing up?
Daft Punk, Jean Michelle Jarre, Moby, Basement Jaxx, and Chemical Brothers.

What else would you like to talk about that you have coming up?
Im currently working on a NFT project called RoboPunkz, which is a metaverse only electronic music act, charity, platform for music production, and everything it does is NFTs. Follow the project 

The Alexsander’s ‘Solana’ is out now on his label Hypnotic Rhythm. Grab it here –

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