The First Single From Avicii’s Album ‘Tim’ Has Been Released!

When you’re one of the most recognizable DJ’s and producers in the world, when you’ve sold millions of records, had billions of downloads and 11 billion streams, bested the globe’s biggest stages, and worked your way from upstart to celebrated icon, your life looks like a blockbuster movie — from the outside.

On the inside, Tim Bergling, aka Avicii, who is naturally shy, struggled with life on the road. Even as international chart toppers “LE7ELS” and “Wake Me Up” catapulted him to brighter stardom, he became an ever more elusive character of dance music myth. His announcement that he was retiring from touring in mid-2016 sent shock waves through the community, but the silver lining was a renewed conviction, inspired energy, and much more time to get back to what Avicii does best – create music.

“My new year’s resolution is to make the best damn album of my career,” he tweeted at the start of 2017. All proceeds from this album will go to a nonprofit charity aimed to help mental illness and prevent suicide which is run by Avicii’s family.

The very first single of this new album has dropped and it is as amazing as you would expect it to be. This track incorporates the signature pluck style along with the memorable melodies that have made Avicii a household name. All Avicii fans across the world will be stunned by this new single and if the album is as good as this single, we are in for a treat this coming June.

Stream this new single among many more below and follow our playlist here.

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