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The History of: Robert Miles – Children

Whether you’ve been raving since the 90’s or are fairly new to electronic music, you’ve definitely heard either the original version of Robert Miles track ‘Children’, released in 1995, or one of the many many remixes to emerge over the years.

In this article we’re doing a deep dive into the history of the iconic track and how its legacy continues to live on almost thirty years later.

Taking it back to the 90’s

Robert Miles was an Italian DJ, producer, and composer whose innovative approach to electronic music revolutionized the genre. ‘Children’ emerged during a tumultuous time in Europe during the early 90’s. Drawing inspiration from the plight of war-torn children in Bosnia, Miles sought to express a message of hope and resilience in the face of adversity. The result was a beautiful composition that resonated with listeners on a profound level not only just in the 90’s but around the world today. Upon its release, ‘Children’ was an instant hit, topping charts in numerous countries and earning widespread international praise.

Following the success of the track, a new subgenre of electronic music emerged, Dream House. Dream House is characterized by piano melodies and four-on-the-floor bass drums. Honestly, Dream House is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a dreamy version of House! The story behind the emergence of Dream House as a genre is interesting as it actually derived from Italy as a response to social pressure during the 90’s. The early to mid-90’s in Italy were marked by significant socio-political challenges such as government debt, corruption, and organized crime.

During this time, Italy’s youth found solace in nightclubs to blow off steam and to find moments of escape (same as we do today really). Unfortunately, during this time period a rise in car crashes was attributed by the government to youth nightclub culture. In response to this, Dream House emerged as a way to wind down the night. Miles would often end his set with Children in the hopes that party goers would relax a bit to close out the night.

Beyond its commercial success, ‘Children’ left an enduring legacy that continues to shape the electronic music landscape to this day. The haunting melodies that so very well portray the message of the track coupled with its infectious rhythm have been sampled, remixed, and reimagined by countless artists.

Evolution through Remixes

If you’ve been in the scene for a long time you’ve probably heard at least one or two remixes of ‘Children’.

Here are a few notable remixes throughout the years:

Dave Darell – Children [2008]

Dave Darell‘s rendition of ‘Children’ signifies a bold reimagining of Robert Miles’ iconic track, injecting it with Darell‘s signature style and energy. Darell‘s version infuses the original with pulsating electro-house beats, driving basslines, and euphoric synth melodies. This reinterpretation pays homage to the original while adding a contemporary twist, bringing together in our opinion, the best of both worlds.

Jack Holiday and Mike Candys – Children [2012]

Jack Holiday and Mike Candys delivered a high-energy rework of ‘Children’. Holiday and Candys‘ version infuses the original track with uplifting melodies, pulsating beats, and infectious hooks. With its dance floor-ready groove, it invigorates listeners with its infectious energy and undeniable catchiness, reaffirming the timeless appeal of the iconic track while introducing it to a new generation of music lovers that emerged in 2010’s.

Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra – Children [2016]

Pete Tong in conjunction with the Heritage Orchestra produced a mesmerizing rendition of ‘Children’ in 2016. This innovative interpretation took the iconic track to the next level by infusing it with orchestral grandeur. This remix in particular really captivates audiences with its cinematic elements. Between its sweeping strings, pulsating rhythms, and euphoric crescendos, this version transcends genre boundaries, captivating listeners with its timeless appeal.

Keanu Silva ft. Toby Romeo and Sacha – Hopeless Heart [2022]

Keanu Silva in collaboration with Toby Romeo and Sacha dropped ‘Hopeless Heart’ in 2022. The captivating track radiates with raw emotion and infectious energy, offering a contemporary take on the classic dance anthem. With its soaring melodies, pulsating beats, and heartfelt lyrics, the track resonates deeply with its listeners, evoking a sense of longing and passion that is both relatable and empowering.

Switch Disco and Robert Miles ft. Ella Henderson – React [2023]

Released to critical acclaim, ‘React’ showcases Switch Disco‘s knack for crafting infectious grooves and captivating melodies, while paying homage to Miles‘ influential contributions to the genre. With its pulsating beats, euphoric synths, and irresistible hooks, ‘React’ stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of both artists, delighting listeners with its irresistible blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair.

Lucas & Steve x Yves V ft. Xoro- After Midnight [2023]

Lucas & Steve, Yves V, and Xoro joined forces to produce ‘After Midnight’, a dynamic track that pulsates with energy and infectious rhythms. The track showcases the collaborative talents of these esteemed artists, blending Lucas & Steve‘s knack for uplifting melodies with Yves V‘s penchant for driving beats and Xoro‘s innovative production techniques. With its anthemic hooks, euphoric build-ups, and electrifying drops, ‘After Midnight’ has become a staple in DJ sets and festival playlists worldwide, igniting dancefloors with its irresistible groove.

A Lasting Legacy

Robert Miles passed away on May 9, 2017 after a nine month battle with stage four pancreatic cancer. Robert Miles not only left his mark on the electronic music scene but on the world. The impact of his music transcends the boundaries of tie and genre. Today, ‘Children’ continues to inspire and uplift audiences around the world proving once again that music has the power to touch hearts and change lives regardless of where you are in the world.

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