The Side Project Announce New EDM YouTube Series!

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The Side Project Announce New EDM YouTube Series!

The Side Project, a DJ duo from the north of the Netherlands consisting of Ryan Faber & Meije Dijkstra, launched their brand new YouTube series called ‘House on Wheels’. In this series, they invited some big guest DJs into the car to talk about music, life, and mental health. In the meantime, small upcoming producers were offered the opportunity to send in their productions so the guests could give feedback on their tracks.

Their star-studded lineup consisted of Tom (Tom & Jame), JoeySuki, Sam Collins, Howen, Kris Reeve, Artelax, and Dastic. Ryan states “it was simply crazy to sit in the car with some of these guys who I have been looking up to for years. What was most interesting to me was learning what the EDM industry can be like and how you can survive the pressure that often comes with it.” Meije adds on by saying “It’s amazing to have made these connections and we are super excited to see whom else we may be able to invite into the car for season 2 or 3.”

One episode will be released weekly over the coming 7 weeks so be sure to tune in every Saturday at 7 PM CET.

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