The Story Of Dannic And KAAZE’s Canceled Collab ‘Turn It Up’!

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The Story Of Dannic And KAAZE’s Canceled Collab ‘Turn It Up’!

The two veterans on renowned Revealed Recordings, Dannic and KAAZE, are no strangers to EDM fans. You’d wonder why both of them never released a track together, given how well their sounds blend. However, what most of us don’t know is that they have a canceled ID for casual EDM listeners, but certainly a familiar one for dedicated Revealed or even Hardwell fans.

Fans and rumor mills predicted a rather generic name for this track. It was quite logical for the name since a robotic male voice keeps repeating the words in the break. Shortly after, a dirty electro drop with groovy elements hits with immense power and potential. This track will surely be a BLK RSE track if it is to be released in modern times. After the drop, electric guitar riffs kept playing and the listeners were welcomed to an 80’s disco ambient, which would surely strike as nostalgia in older fans’ hearts. The second drop is very much the same as the first one and that concludes the song.

The track was supposed to be released on Dannic’s label, Fonk Recordings after a few months it was being premiered. However, it didn’t turn out as expected. Many fans were speculating the ID to be unleashed on Revealed given how KAAZE was a rising star of the label a few years ago on which the big boss Hardwell already set his sights upon.

During the celebration of 100 episodes of Fonk Radio, Dannic announced that this release was canceled, which came as a big shock to a lot of people who were awaiting its arrival on the streaming platforms. Our agency has discussed this topic several times in the past. Some of our members have noticed that the tune is surprisingly similar to a very old track from Husman named ‘Warzone’ that was released on Trice Recordings back in 2013. It might be embarrassing for Dannic for this reason that he didn’t tell us the actual truth behind the cancellation. Both of them either took a lot of inspiration from that track or it was, unfortunately, a bitter coincidence. They’ve also teased later after the cancellation that they’re cooking up another collaboration, preferably “Progressive” this time. It’s up to us to be patient and maybe one day, we’ll enjoy an actual Dannic and KAAZE track in a similar sound or a wholly new track.

Written by Daniel / Delacour Agency

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