The Tragic Fate Of ‘Cyborg’, The Lost Collaboration Between The Legends Dyro & Headhunterz!

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The Tragic Fate Of ‘Cyborg’, The Lost Collaboration Between The Legends Dyro & Headhunterz!

In 2014, Jordy van Egmond, also known as DJ Dyro performed at Tomorrowland for the first time in his musical career after his major breakthrough in 2013. That particular year, he made numerous collaborations with some of the EDM heavyweights such as Hardwell, Tiesto, and much more. In his Tomorrowland 2014 set, he premiered a lot of new ID’s including an interesting big room track 1001tracklists titled ‘Cyborg’, a collaboration with the hardstyle veteran Headhunterz who was experimenting with traditional EDM at the time.

Cyborg (1st Version)

The track starts with an alluring and strict vocal in a futuristic tone: “What if we built a better body, used technology to fix this human form…”. A couple more futuristic lyrics followed and afterward a signature Headhunterz supersaw hits the listeners rather unexpectedly. Shortly, the buildup slowly starts accompanied by a couple more futuristic sentences, and then the drop hits. The drop sounds nostalgic, blending both artists’ signature kicks into a particular one.

Cyborg (2nd Version)

‘Cyborg’ was played again at Amsterdam Dance Event that same year. ‘Cyborg’ was mashed up with Martin Garrix‘s ‘Gold Skies’ acapella but the overall structure remained the same. In the meantime, Jordy established a new label that focused on aggressive electro & bass house, WOLV. Months passed and there was no announcement whatsoever for the track. During that period, Willem made a couple more versions of the production with none of them living up to the potential of the original.

In 2016, Headhunterz returned back to his hardstyle roots and Dyro went on a hiatus after the release of his ‘Set Me Free’ EP. The track was bound to be shelved. Recently, a fan asked what exactly happened to ‘Cyborg’ but Dyro quickly blocked those curious. That act basically confirms ‘Cyborg’ will never see the light of the day. However, the leaked version is on Youtube, the version with the ‘Gold Skies’ acapella so fans can at least enjoy it that way!

Cyborg (3rd Version)

written by Devanesh / Delacour Agency

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