Thømtï Brings Summer Vibes With New Single ‘Chillennials’!

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Thømtï Brings Summer Vibes With New Single ‘Chillennials’!

India is fast emerging as a country making some of the most exciting dance music in the world today. Leading that charge to a world of exciting opportunities is New Dehli-based producer Thømtï. 2021 really saw him establish himself as an artist to be reckoned with as he released tracks that caught the attention of audiences everywhere.

Initially focused on the genres of electro house, big room, progressive house, and deep house, ‘Chillennials’ is yet another showcase of the diversity and talent of Thømtï. Evolving with every track, ‘Chillennials’ is the perfect example of how a producer matures over time. Professionally trained and putting in the time to ensure that every track he makes has the exquisite touch of class required to set the dancefloor ablaze, the single navigates all the rich waters that electronic dance music has to offer.

With an embrace of luscious beats, soaring pads, cascading guitar, and the sweetest of vocals, this track hits all the right moments with the builds and the drops creating the necessary drama and anticipation needed for the dancefloor. As India continues to become a major player in the EDM marketplace, it is artists like Thømtï who are setting the agenda. Discover his world of glorious music and live in a place of unimagined pleasure.

Stream this single below.

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