Timmy Trumpet Rewrites A Fairy-tale With Nostalgic New Single ‘Camelot’ ft. Smash Mouth!

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Timmy Trumpet Rewrites A Fairy-tale With Nostalgic New Single ‘Camelot’ ft. Smash Mouth!

Celebrating 20 years from when the animated blockbuster Shrek first hit the big screen, Australian DJ and Producer, Timmy Trumpet delivers a modern day fairy-tale of his own. ‘Camelot’ is the feel-good record of the year. Mid-way through the first verse, the fandom floodgates swing wide open taking us on a magical journey to a reimagined yet familiar world we once escaped to.

I love animated movies! Shrek is my all-time favourite and it came out when imagination was all I had for my music. Twenty years later and I get to live a fairy-tale of my own with the help of the artists that created the music that leapt out of the screen.” Timmy Trumpet

‘Camelot’ transcends us from the swamps of Duloc to a parking lot somewhere by a small-town highway in Middle America. The music video flips the traditional story on its head, with our heroine needing no rescue mission, taking matters into her own hands. Directed by Jules Otway, the story thematically inspired is a guilty pleasure with modern-day twist.

“We knew it had to be animated to pay respect to the original inspiration, but we wanted it to have an adult feel and set in an adult, yet make-believe world. You won’t find a DreamWorks character mouthing WTF but a DJ whose last track was called ‘Hey Mother*cker’ can certainly get away with it.” Jules Otway (Director)

Smash Mouth literally smashed the charts across the globe with ‘All Star’ and ‘I’m a Believer’ both becoming multi-platinum top 10 hits in Australia, famously featuring in the opening credits and the closing scene of Shrek. No stranger to the airwaves himself, Timmy Trumpet’s breakout hit ‘Freaks’ with Savage is fast approaching 8x platinum in Australia, amassing more than half a billion online streams. His debut artist album ‘Mad World’ released only a few months ago has already surpassed 110 million streams on Spotify alone.

After more than a year hiatus from live performances, Timmy Trumpet headlined and sold out Lunar Electric Music Festival on the Gold Coast, the largest of its kind in dance music since the pandemic. Videos from the performance went viral racking up over 50 million views on TikTok and Instagram as the world looked on in disbelief that an event of this size was taking place and with zero covid cases.

Timmy Trumpet is now playing select boutique club shows around Australia, a rarity for the international superstar accustomed to audiences in the tens of thousands. Tim has already this year released club tracks with Afrojack, ALOK, and Steve Aoki – all artists who like himself are ranked in the Top 10 DJs of the world (DJ Mag Top 100).

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