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Tommy Thrasher Talks About His New Project, Why He Created It, What Is To Come & More!

Having previously been a producer in the bass and dubstep scene, the newly created alias of Tommy Thrasher takes his passion for all house music genres and applies it to his productions, At the young age of 23, Tommy Thrasher is still growing and learning each day but his hard work and dedication is the reason why he is able to grow as an artist. We had the pleasure of chatting with Tommy about his brand new project and everything that we need to know about it.

Hey Tommy Thrasher, thanks for speaking with us, how are you doing?
Doing well! Currently just focusing on the start up on my new project. 

Let’s kick things off with your artistic vision. Can you give me a little insight into why you created this new project and what is to come?
Yes, so I’ve been producing in the EDM genre for almost 2 years more seriously. I originally started out producing house music in the middle of 2020 that never picked up and got discouraged so transitioned to Melodic bass and dubstep and released under another artist name. Recently, I decided to leave that behind and go back to the house music that got me to fall in love with EDM at the start. 

What style of music should we be expecting to hear from you in the coming months and years?
My good friend told me, “Make what your heart desires and dont limit yourself”. – Emerald Gates. So, for now I’ll be focused on house and a variety of the house sub genres that I feel is more authentic to me as an artist. 

Having previously been an artist who worked with Melodic Bass & Dubstep, do you feel you will ever bring those styles back with this new project?
Definitely! I actually already have but with my own new style. Im currently working with Kindred who sing “Infinity” for Adventure Club and for this track, I decided to cross genres. I went back to my classic dramatic melodic bass style of sound design but at 90 bpm and added a progressive house style lead. 

As you’ve grown as an artist over the years, how important is it for you to keep evolving with your styles and genres?
I think its the most important because just when I thought I had it all set and dialed down, I realized I could go even further with the new direction I’m going now.

If you had the perfect dream collab for this new project, what would it be?
There are many artists I would love to work with: Bryce Vine, Dylan Matthew, elley Duhé, etc… but as for a dream collab, I’m actually almost finished with my song, “When We Were Young” featuring Jordan Grace who sings “Oxygen” with Martin Garrix. Garrix is the one that sparked my passion for EDM at the 2018 chasing summer festival in Calgary, Canada. So this collab with Jordan, to share a vocalist with Martin Garrix is more than anything I could ask for.

In terms of new music coming soon, what do you have planned for is listeners?
I get my mix and master back from my audio engineer for a few tracks next week so, I’ll be holding out for when I feel the time is right and see what labels pick them up or if I decide to release independently.

Coming into the final months of the year, have you set any goals before 2023?
My goal for 2023 or just in general was to establish and feel confident in my direction as an artist which I have now narrowed down.

Have you set any goals for the coming year for this project?
Yes, with the new artist launch, I plan to grow my listeners and discovery slowly as I DJ around the LA area picking up gigs in the spare time getting out there and my music heard. My most recent gig was for a house party at Chase Hudson’s.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, do you have anything else you’d like to reveal with our readers?
Yes, actually. Just a side note of advice from what I have learned for any other young artists pursuing to be producers, DJ’s, or performers is, to never give up! I can’t count how many times I said, “That’s it” out of anger and fear then giving up on what I love for months at a time and even a year at one point so, go after everything that you want with all that you have, put your whole heart into it and don’t give up; ever. The only thing that you’ll learn in life is that you’ll never be ready so don’t don’t wait for life to chase you.

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