Tonic Dream Treats Us To A Wonderful Free Track ‘Dark To Light’!

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Tonic Dream Treats Us To A Wonderful Free Track ‘Dark To Light’!

When asking many big successful producers what is the key to longevity and success in the music industry, all of them will agree that creativity and finding your own signature style is the most important aspect. One upcoming producer whos is striving to make a name for himself within the electronic dance music scene is the American based artist Tonic Dream. Listing his inspirations as Skrillex, Marshmello, Illenium, Gryffin, NOTD among others, it’s clear to see where he gets his own signature style from.

‘Dark To Light’ showcases the signature style and creative talent of Tonic Dream in the studio as he delivers a mesmerizing production. A track made of two halves, with the first being a little darker before the second showcasing a brighter side with lovely vocals. Breakbeat drums and infectious pluck synths are the main aspect of the first half with Tonic Dream adding deep and dark bass lines to showcase his potential dark side. He then switches over to the bright and lighter side with the second half incorporating beautiful vocals with innovative top lines synths that bring this track to a whole nother level.

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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