Tough Break Unveils Remix Of ‘Feel The Same Way’ By Rest For The Wicked!

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Tough Break Unveils Remix Of ‘Feel The Same Way’ By Rest For The Wicked!

After the postponement of their sold-out headlining shows due to ongoing lockdowns on their home turf this month, Rest For The Wicked have dropped a new tune for their ever-growing international fan base. With positive praise around their dynamic new sound—including The Guardian who called it “one of the best, and weirdest, debut singles that has been released in Australia for a long time”—anticipation has been building for the Aussie duo’s next steps. Instead of diving deeper into the dark isolation akin to their debut offering, Rest For The Wicked catch feelings in a “love limbo” and search for more on new single ‘Feel The Same Way‘ and tap Melbourne producer Tough Break to unleash a dystopian future/cyberpunk inspired remix out now via EMI Music Australia / Universal.

“Feel The Same Way” is a relatable indie-pop-rock track with an all out ‘90s vibe about indecisive love. Filled with warm and woozy synths, it captures the uncontrollable freefall of a burgeoning romance. The overwhelming feelings of lust and love inevitably take control, only to be held back by timid insecurities: “Do they feel the same way I do?” or “What if I’m just embarrassing myself?” On the song, Ben Townsend and Tasker beg for a sign, a semblance of validation that they’re not alone in wanting to take the next step with their crushes.

On the remix, Tough Break says, “This feels like that moment in a dystopian future/cyberpunk movie where everything works out and they drive off into the sunset together. The hook just felt so uplifting so I wanted that to be where the emotion for the remix came from.”

They explain, “‘Feel The Same Way’ is an upbeat jawn sure to lure your crush into letting them know they are the one. Might destroy a relationship or six. Mystery is intended…” The situation is all too familiar for many. You have a wonderful connection with someone but the fear of opening up and losing them holds you back. “I wrote this to remind myself and others in the same position: ‘you’re awesome, you’re the reason they have feelings towards you and not because they think you’re someone else.’ If you never go, you never know…” states Townsend. Staying silent would only fill you with regret, this track stands to tell you that the time to say something is now. 

Tasker elaborates on the punchy production of the original release, “I wrote that synth line in the intro and the melody on the recorder when I was in Grade 6. And just kept it in my head for all these years knowing that it would come in handy, which it did.”

Much like their debut single “Bones”—being a mysterious transmission of the unknown—“Feel The Same Way” solidifies the duo’s genreless, feel-good sound fused with bittersweet lyrics that sets them on their own plane of expression. The creeping psychedelia and technicolor production across their discography is something entirely unto Rest For The Wicked, undeniably genuine. 

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