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Tragic Terrorist Attack Strikes Israeli Trance Festival, Leaving Over 260 Dead and Abducted

In a devastating turn of events, a popular trance music festival in southern Israel, the Supernova Festival near Kibbutz Re’im, became the target of a horrific terrorist attack carried out by Hamas. The attack, which occurred in the early hours of Saturday, has left more than 260 people dead and numerous others abducted.

ZAKA, a volunteer group specializing in handling human remains after disasters and terror attacks, has reported that they have collected over 260 bodies from the site of the festival. Desperate parents of the festivalgoers have been searching tirelessly for information about their missing children since the tragic incident unfolded.

The event, which initially saw people joyfully dancing late into Friday night, took a grim turn as gunshots rang out in the background. The attackers, identified as Hamas militants, breached the heavily guarded border, taking at least 100 people hostage, as confirmed by Israeli officials.

Disturbingly, women and children are among those who have been captured, and several hostage situations are still ongoing. Both soldiers and civilians have been taken, with some being transported back into Gaza, while others were paraded through the streets.

Israeli officials have reported that 1,590 people have been injured since the incursion began on Saturday. Meanwhile, in Gaza, the health ministry has confirmed 413 Palestinian casualties and 2,300 injuries as a result of the ongoing conflict.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning, urging those in Gaza to leave immediately, as he threatened to turn the region “into rubble” in response to the weekend’s attacks.

The horrifying attack on the Supernova Festival has left a nation in shock and mourning, with the full scale of the tragedy still unfolding as rescuers work tirelessly to locate survivors and provide support to the victims’ families.

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