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Traveler Returns With A Fantastic Remix Of ‘White Noise’ By Disclosure!

“traveler”: a person who is traveling or who often travels. With this in mind, you can’t help but notice how Traveler‘s productions take us on a journey, an amazing one at that!

Traveler is a musical journey created to inspire a positive way of life. The project was founded in 2009 by Zander Tron after visiting Black Rock City and being blown away by the purity and originality of the underground. This experience ignited his creative mission to spread positivity and innovation through music. The evolution of Traveler’s vibrant sound has been refined through years of working with numerous collaborators and constantly seeking out new experiences. Throughout this ever-changing sonic adventure, the core principles have remained the same: to combine the psychedelic bass-driven elements of the underground with chord progressions, melodies, and vocals that can appeal to the mainstream.

For his latest outing, Traveler has decided to put his own spin on the famous hit ‘White Noise’ by Disclosure. He does this in style as he flips this pop dance number into a unique break beat infused anthem. The remix is filled to the brim with mesmerizing synths and sounds as we find ourselves being trapped into listening. The progressive melodies and perfect sound design blows us away as Traveler once again showcases his talents with this remix.

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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