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Travis Wahl Puts An Electronic Touch To Miley Cyrus’ Single ‘Flowers’!

After treating us to two amazing remixes of ‘Anti-Hero’ by Taylor Swift and ‘Pointless’ by Lewis Capalda, Tennessee- based producer Travis Wahl is back with another amazing remix, this time putting his touches to ‘Flowers’ by Miley Cyrus. With the two previous remixes performing so well, gaining a combined 4 million streams, momentum is firmly on the side of Travis Wahl and this remix keeps it sky high.

Taking the original and putting his own electronic touch on it, Travis Wahl takes the entire original single from Miley Cyrus and using it as building blocks, touching elements and sections up with electronic sounds that bring another dimension to the single. Keeping the original elements around for sections makes this perfectly relatable for fans of the original but the extra additions from the talented producer gives it a new lease of life and makes it stand out from the original. This remix now counts 3 amazing remixes from this producer and we hope that’s not all.

Stream this remix here.

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