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twocolors Talk Everything ADE, Pressure To Make Music, Plans For The Future & More!

In the heart of Amsterdam during the electrifying Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), we had the pleasure of sitting down with the dynamic duo, twocolors. Amidst the bustling cityscape and the pulsating beats of ADE, twocolors shared their experiences, inspirations, and future plans. The pair’s unique blend of electronic music has captured the hearts of listeners worldwide, with their track ‘Lovefool’ becoming a global sensation. In this exclusive interview, twocolors provides us with an inside look at their creative process, their thoughts on remixing classics, and what’s in store for their fans as they prepare for their highly-anticipated return to the stage. Join us as we delve into the world of twocolors and their electrifying journey.

Hey twocolors, thanks for taking the time to speak with us! How does it feel to be back in Amsterdam for ADE?

Nice! It’s so cool to see all the people and the city is so beautiful. It reminds us of when we stayed for three weeks in Ireland and the city is always reminding us of that time, especially with the weather and the people, everybody’s so friendly. So that’s why we really love Amsterdam.

For those who haven’t attended, could you describe ADE?

It’s like a busy, busy city with a lot of bridges and a lot of parties. The whole electronic music industry is here and they’re all connecting.

Away from ADE, what is your favorite thing to do in Amsterdam?

Eating a grilled cheese sandwich. I’m in love with a grilled cheese sandwich and there is really famous cheese spot in a tiny street and you can just buy every kind of cheese but they also do like little sandwiches. They have a grilled cheese sandwich and I’m super in love with this one.

So talking about music, when creating ‘Lovefool’, did you have a feeling it would be such a big success?

You never have a feeling it could be a hit. I think you have a good feeling that it could perform very well but you never know if it’s going to be a a massive global hit. I think if you say this is a hit, then this is already taking the steam out of it, you know. You can produce the best song with the best chord progression, the best top line, and if the people are not digging it, and in the end, the people are deciding if this is like a hit or not. The crazy thing with that song is that we had waited over a year on that song before it came out and then it should have come out directly at that point when Germany was deciding to have the first lockdown. So the pandemic was hitting really hard and we were like, no, we have that song which has that energy to make you want to go dancing so we thought about releasing it after the pandemic but then it was like two years long so it was good that we just released it and did not wait.

Did you feel any pressure for the follow-up single to also be a hit?

Yeah, but the thing is with pressure if you are making music with pressure, it’s never a good thing because it’s gonna sound fake a little bit. And that’s why you really have to say to yourself, just make good music and have fun and the rest will come.

It took us a couple of sessions after this single and at a certain point, we were like, we can’t think about a new single, we just have to think about making music. Then we tried that and then we had a really good session and then we had like our follow-up single. And then it stopped again so we are trying to always have a couple of songs ready that we have on our hard drive so we are not in desperate need of a new thing. Kind of like a second parachute, you know, so we don’t have to stress ourselves.

You’ve taken a few classics and put your own spin on them. Is there any other songs that you’d love to remix?

With ‘Cynical’, our latest single with Safri Duo, we didn’t ask them, they asked us to do it and that was super cool because we were super in love with that single back then. And so it was a different approach with ‘Lovefool’ which was like our decision and we said okay, we want to change the chords, we want to choose the lyric, we want a man to sing those lyrics because we think it’s like time for people to listen to that. We have so many other songs that we really like and are digging but for now, we don’t know. We don’t really feel like doing another remake or cover but maybe in the future.

On the opposite side, which single do you think should never be remixed?

Good question. Maybe something like ‘Pjanoo’ from Eric Prydz or ‘Opus’. With a remake, you always want to try to do it a little bit better, I would say. It’s a bit like, Timbaland, he uses a lot of samples like flutes and stuff like that but he makes it his own.

Looking towards the end of the year, do you have any plans in the near future?

We couldn’t perform over the last two years because of the pandemic and then all the festivals were already pre-planned so right now we really are focusing on finishing up our live set. We try to combine live elements with a DJ environment and it’s going to be very, very interesting when it’s ready.

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us!

Thank you, we really appreciate it!

Stream twocolors latest single below.

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