VASSY, Bingo Players & Disco Fries Offer Up Disco-Infused Single ‘Pieces’!

VASSY, Bingo Players & Disco Fries Offer Up Disco-Infused Single ‘Pieces’!

A titanic team-up, ‘Pieces’ features a triple threat of stellar artists, each hailed as legends within the electronic dance space.

VASSY is one of dance music’s most prominent authentic artists. The Aussie singer-songwriter recently joined the 2 billion stream milestone with her global hits ‘Bad,’ a collaboration with David Guetta and Showtek, and ‘Secrets,’ with Tiësto and KSHMR, earning her multiple #1s in over 30 countries. Topping the charts with this year’s single ‘Tuff,’  VASSY continues to bring innovative sounds and original songwriting to contemporary dance music.

At the helm of production on ‘Pieces’ is dutch artist Bingo Players. With a legendary series of hit records, from 2012’s claim to fame ‘Get Up (Rattle)’ to 2011’s ‘Cry (Just A Little),’ 2020’s ‘Devotion’ and this year’s mesmerizing Zookëper collab ‘Bathroom Line,’ Bingo Players is a household name in dance music. Bingo Players performed at Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, Creamfields, Stereosonic, Tomorrowland, and other festivals around the world, while securing top 40 radio, as well as gold and platinum status on numerous records internationally.

US production DJ duo Disco Fries bring their chart-breaking sound. Making moves over the last decade the duo is renowned for their bass-driven, melodic house sound. Known for their hit tunes such as ‘Family Affair,’ ‘Moving Mountains’, ‘Chant’ with Tiësto, and ‘Forever Love,’ the latter a powerful team-up with kindred spirit Bingo Players. Disco Fries has hit EDC Vegas, HARD Fest, Moonrise, and toured internationally, garnering support from the who’s who in dance music. Disco Fries are known for their incredibly polished production chops, being the track ‘finishers’ and high-energy DJ sets.

From London to LA, Netherlands to NY,  ‘Pieces’ was literally created in ‘pieces’ with the trio collaborating across the globe. Originally written as a love song, ‘Pieces’ embraces feelings of confidence and positivity, and how that special person can build you up, ‘piece by piece.’  VASSY brilliantly articulates this mood with her spirited melodic outbursts, interlaced with vintage piano chord stabs and well-crafted builds, the song elevates with Bingo Players and Disco Fries soulful house production. 

‘Pieces’ delivers nostalgic, feel-good house sounds, with explosive vocals and melodies, appeals to something we all yearn for, a ‘piece’ of love. 

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