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VAVO Look Back On The Past 12 Months & To The Future!

2022 is almost over and it’s a good moment to review the most important milestones of this past year full of learnings, new experiences, and, of course, music. VAVO shares some insight about their year and their plans for the holidays.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. 2022 is almost over, we want to know what is your most important highlight of the year, both musically and personally?
Thanks for having us! We would have to say the amount of music we have finished! We were finally back together after some time apart in different countries, making production a little hard and slower. So now we are back together we have tons of amazing music finished waiting to share with the world!

What was your favorite release of 2022 (of your own)?
We would have to go with our latest release with Clara Mae called “Take Me Home”. We love her vocals on this song and working with her was so amazing. She truly is such a talented artist!

And what was your favorite track of the year from someone else?
For Jesse it would be “Heaven Takes You Home” by Swedish House Mafia! I really love Connie’s voice on this record, and it just brings me so many feelings.
Alden was really diggin “Escape” by KX5, Deadmau5 and Kaskade’s new side project!

Did you have any special standout shows this year either that you played or attended?
HQ nightclub in Atlantic City is our spot! We LOVE playing this venue and we actually have a residence there. We have really grown to know so many people there that it feels like home! Shout out to the crew at HQ!!! The crowds are always crazy to and love the energy they put off!

What was the biggest lesson you learned in life 2022?
Not to pay attention to what others are doing. You need to have blinders on and focus on you and building your brand! I know a lot of people say this but it is so true and very important!

And following on, what was the biggest lesson you learned in music?
Pretty much the same thing we learned in life, I mean music is what we do full time so it really is our life!

If you could send yourself a message to you 5 years ago, what would it be and why?
This is tough, but probably to not worry about the small things in life and to really treat every day like it may be your last. I think people worry so much about small things in life that are moments in time that will pass, so to not get caught up on them is important.

How has your sound developed in 2022?
We are always trying to be better at our craft, really honing in on who VAVO is. We like to think we finally have a ‘VAVO’ sound now, 7 years later! It isn’t easy when sounds and trends change so often but staying true to yourself, your brand and your fans is key. We have worked hard to make sure our productions are top tier.

Who would you say was the most innovative artist in 2022?
Tough to choose just one artist! There are so many innovative artists in every genre! I really don’t think we could pick just one!

Which label or labels do you think were at the top of their game in 2022?
Well, we definitely have to shout out our label KESS Records. Max has pushed our records hard and really grown our music and our brand because of it. It’s an indie label but he pushes the releases like a major! We really do owe all our success as artists to him. He took a massive chance with opening his label to help us and other artists grow! He has some really talented artists as well like LZRD, BKAYE and us of course, just to name a few! Outside of KESS, I would say Republic Records. While they may not be solely dance, they are responsible for some of the biggest releases in the world and never disappoint!

If any, do you have any regrets for the year behind us?
Never! We try not to have any regrets; everything is a lesson, and you learn and move forward smarter and stronger. Also look at the positive in things and cut the negative out! It will help immensely with your mental health.

What are your plans for the holidays?
Alden will be flying back home to the UK to spend the holidays with his family. Jesse will be in Canada with his family and then we are going to meet in Atlantic City for our show at HQ nightclub on the 30th! We will be eating mountains of turkey, ham and all the fixings of course!

Just for fun, if you had to take a classic Christmas song and remix it, what style would it be and what could we expect?
Funny enough, we would love to remix ‘Feliz Navidad’! We have never really thought about which direction to take it however! We would need to sit down in front of the project and really dive in! Something that would go off in the clubs would be sick.

Where will you be spending New Year’s Eve?
We have a show in Atlantic City on the 30th but will be back home with friends for NYE! We are staying local and hanging with our friends for the New Year!

If you had to put 2022 into one sentence, what would it be?
2023 we are coming for ya, OK let’s gooooooooo!

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