Walter Wayne Drops Second Track From Upcoming Album, ‘Beyond’!

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Walter Wayne Drops Second Track From Upcoming Album, ‘Beyond’!

Croatian artist Walter Wayne is bringing distinctive electronic sound which combines heavy beats and rich arrangements of synthetic sounds. His atomic approach to music is part of his engineering background and also part of his childish curiosity to explore and combine sounds that pose new questions and widen the horizons for the listener.

“I had three things which occupied my attention when I was a kid, music, airplanes and video games. I was lucky enough that I had a chance to pursue two out of those three things throughout my formative years and that’s aerospace engineering and making video games, what actually is my day job today, game designer, producer, and programmer. I’m happy that finally, the moment has come when I’m able to explore and pursue music production…with a lot of synthesizers :)” – said Walter Wayne

For years Walter Wayne experimented with electronic music production, but no public release was made. In 2019, he spent more time producing and decided to dive right into the deep end of electronic music production by releasing his first album. The first single from the upcoming album entitled ‘Synchronize’ dropped in February 2020, with the release of the full album release is expected during Spring 2020.

Following on from his previous single ‘Sunrise’, Walter Wayne releases his second single ‘Beyond’, taken from the upcoming album ‘Synchronize’. The message behind this tracks speaks volumes: “Each of us face certain challenges in our own lives. Some challenges are easy to overcome but some challenges are here to question our personality, our character, our integrity. There comes a moment, sooner or later, to make big and important life decisions for your self. Once you make an important decision in life and it brings positive change for you…next step is to go and see what’s beyond. What’s your beyond, how does it feel?” – said Walter Wayne

With an upbeat tempo and rhythmic basslines used throughout, it’s hard to not get trapped in the euphoria that Walter Wayne has created. The ever-present bassline synth that is used keeps the production moving at a steady pace and as the single progresses, the Croatian artist keeps us interested by using inventive samples. A solid production that makes us want more and more new music from this emerging producer.

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

Follow Walter Wayne on BandCamp, Instagram, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and visit his Website!

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