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WARED Speaks About His New discovering+ Project, Live Streams In Dance Music Going Forward & More!

The project that brings contemporary electronic music in the most magical and exclusive places in Sicily. Wednesday, December 1st, at 8 pm, the Italian DJ & Producer WARED will be live streaming from the Archaeological Park of Selinus for the first experience
of “discovɘring+”, the project that brings contemporary electronic music to the most beautiful and exclusive natural scenarios of Sicily.
WARED, creator of the format, will be at the foot of the majestic Temple E of the Selinus Archaeological Park for a 45-minute live & DJ set during which his contemporary electronic music will resound among the fascinating ruins of one of the largest and most extraordinary archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. We had the pleasure of speaking with WARED about this new project and more, read below.

Hey WARED, how are you doing? Let’s kick things off with your brand new live stream “discovɘring+” from the Archaeological Park of Selinus in Sicily. How happy are you with how it went?
Hey guys, thank you for inviting me! I’m really happy since the project is on its way… I can’t wait to let the video come out tomorrow 1st December!

This live stream, along with the following ones that have been in the pipeline for some time, how excited are you to kick off this venture?
I am really excited to finally realize this video project! It was stopped for a while due to the Italian bureaucracy. Very often it is not clear how much a project like this can give to the territory. I waited a long time, but I never gave up because I really care about “discovɘring+”;

Did you come to any challenges while filming and preparing this live stream?
Like any important initiative, everything is never easy to realize except with perseverance. At the base there must always be passion as it pushes you where you did not think you would go. You have to think of everything: organize the production, contact videomakers, photographers, audio service, perfectly organize appointments, the day of shooting, interviews, press releases… There is really a lot of work and, to date, I don’t know how did I do it! :D;

Throughout the pandemic, we saw the emergence of these types of live streams, did the pandemic kick start this project and bring it to life?
Yes definitely! The pandemic has given birth to something that is still in the early stages of its full expansion. Live streams are the start of something that will happen in a few years! We will participate in events through lenses, viewers or in front of screens but with more interactive dynamics than today. They will be journeys into the “metaverses”, the imminent future of online life! Imagine you want to attend a music festival on the other side of the world. To date, you would spend a lot of money to be able to participate! In the future it will no longer be like this because you will be able to participate virtually, not simply by observing but experiencing the almost real sensation of being present there. When they ask me where I see discovɘring+ in 10 years I see just this!

With the return of normality, and festivals taking place all across the world, what kind of future do you feel these live streams will have?
Live streams will be an integral part of any big project: it is the future of events. There will be many more in the coming years! Attention, performing or participating in a live event will always have another taste, another mental and physical sensitivity. You can’t replace those feelings with anything! After all, it is right that this is the case: it is right that the world of music also evolves. It’s part of the life process and you can’t stop it!

Do you have any plans to incorporate these live streams into live events and sets?
Playing live has a charm that I no longer remembered. I am a pianist and playing the piano compared to performing the DJ set is very different. Mixing these two experiences was truly mystical! I experienced new sensations that, in the video, made me move … (but don’t tell anyone!) I will definitely propose this type of performance in my next events also because it’s something that differentiates you. Singing and playing at the same time gets you into your hyperuranium!

The location for this first live stream is beautiful, is this the home for the live stream or will it be moved with each stream?
Yes, each event will be set in a new location with the intention of being able to let the audience, who follow the live, discover it! The first is the Selinunte Archaeological Park, the largest in Europe! It is one of the most beautiful places in Sicily because it combines Art and Nature; I put the music on and a little miracle came out! Among other things, in that location, besides me, artists like Carl Cox and Martin Garrix performed in real events organized by the friends of Unlocked Music Festival. It was a great honor!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us about the launch of “discovɘring+”. Is there anything you’d like to announce with our readers?
Thanks a lot to you EDMHouseNetwork for this interview! I am super happy to have shared the “discovɘring +” project. I take this opportunity to invite all readers to follow the live streaming tomorrow, 1st of December, at 8 pm by tuning into my Youtube channel here. I hope you can feel what I felt while performing there: “Music and Us”. Bye!

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