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Wes Smith Kicks Off 2022 With Brand New 4-Track EP!

With 16 releases in 2021 alone, Wes Smith was carrying some major momentum into 2022 and he decided to capitalize on that momentum by treating us to a massive 4-track EP. An artist with over a decade of experience within the music scene and an abundance of talent when he steps into the studio, it seems that Wes Smith can do no wrong and this EP further backs that up. This EP contains four major releases, all just as good as the other, coming together to form the perfect EP.

The EP kicks off with ‘I’m A Freak’, a super-powerful trap anthem that features Low End Hustler. A statement single that opens the EP in style and lays the groundwork for what is to come. Next up is ‘In My System’, a complete flip of styles compared to the first but it still doesn’t seem out of place. This one is a groovy house number made together with White Boy Awesome and it certainly makes you want to get up and dance with its high energy and infectious tones. ‘Piano Jam’ then comes and blows us away. Much like the title suggests, it’s built around a piano hook but it’s the drop where this one shines with pulsating synths and heavy hard-hitting kicks and basslines. The EP is then closed out with an epic dubstep single titled ‘What It Takes’. Showcasing his synth work and creativity on this one, Wes Smith closes out the EP in a massive way. With no track similar to the other, Wes Smith truly shows off his talent and diversity with this EP.

Stream this EP below.

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