What Happened To: Axwell & Years – Bliss

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What Happened To: Axwell & Years – Bliss

This track is known as one of the most notorious progressive house IDs ever made, born from Norwegian producer Years & Swedish powerhouse Axwell. It all started on Day 2 of Ultra Miami in 2015 when Axwell & Ingrosso played it for the first time. It was an instant hit; played as a mashup with ‘Under Control’, it immediately became a fan favorite.

The song’s atmospheric vibe was prominent throughout the entire track; from the calm piano notes in the breakdown to the tense buildup, unleashing an otherworldly melody that’ll make your senses go into overdrive. The song became a mainstay in A&I sets from 2015 throughout 2016, before disappearing entirely from the radar. Fans speculated that the song will be released sometime in 2017 until Amy Thompson, the former manager of SHM and A&I shut down all the rumors, stating that the song is meant for live performances only. Axwell played it again one last time in his Tomorrowland 2018 set.

Ever since the premiere, fans have been continuously asking Years to release it if possible, all to no avail. Until one day, 6 October 2019, Years finally responded to his fans who have been asking for years to which he stated, “Regarding ‘Bliss’ as you guys call it – 2020 is a year for all of this waiting to come to an end.”

That comment has single-handedly sparked hope in the hearts of many fans, for their wait was coming to an end. But now, we’re a month away for 2020 to end, with no release date for ‘Bliss’, it seems like everything has returned to square one. Despite this, ‘Bliss’ has cemented itself as one of the best progressive house tracks we’ve known of all time. ‘Bliss’ is not just a song, it’s an experience from a different point in time, the golden era of EDM.

Written by Ryan Lakes / Delacour Agency

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