What Happened To: Curbi & Bougenvilla – Mosh Pit

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What Happened To: Curbi & Bougenvilla – Mosh Pit

The year is 2015 and festival big room house is still the most widespread EDM genre in the scene. Slowly maturing, a new electronic music craze has started sweeping across the world. The genre that doesn’t involve festival kicks or anthemic melodies. But it brings a peculiar sound that was never heard before. It was called future house. Many new artists started breaking into the scene with the genre such as Oliver Heldens, Pep & Rash, Mr. Belt & Wezol, and above all, artists I am going to talk about today; Curbi & Bougenvilla.

The same year, they premiered ‘Mosh Pit’, an ID that has stuck around a few years that features a bouncy structure characteristic of the aforementioned genre. The drop has just enough energy to get the party started and the ecstatic synths play along to give the listener something to hum

In their heads for the extended period of time after. The production surely has all of the predispositions to shake the dancefloor inevitably. If it were to be released, this won’t be the first collaboration they made together. ‘Butterfly Effect’ released in October 2015 garnered huge support and extremely positive feedback from both other producers & fans alike.

Curbi nowadays stepped away from the future house niches and started producing more house-ish productions packed with more energy than he delivered in the early stages of his career. At times, his girlfriend and Taiwanese DJ/Producer Rayray helps him a lot in his recent works. Bougenvilla, on the other hand, alternate between their old future bounce style and the trendy house sounds and release on numerous labels such as Spinnin’ Records and Future House Music.

As to why this particular collaboration was never released… we don’t know. We couldn’t find enough evidence to state the actual reason for cancellation. Oliver Heldens played this track once on his weekly radio show, Heldeep Radio. Afterward, it simply disappeared from the radar. Maybe, in the near future, both artists will collaborate again with an even more interesting track, possibly a tech-house style, like recent Curbi releases.

Written by Daniel / Delacour Agency

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