What Happened To: David Guetta & Bebe Rexha – Blue

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What Happened To: David Guetta & Bebe Rexha – Blue

This tune is possibly one of the best unreleased tracks we’ve covered on From The Vault, and my personal favourite of all time from David Guetta’s unreleased tunes. The interesting fact is that there are two versions of the remix mostly made by Brooks and one unfinished original Guetta played in Ultra Miami 2017. Let’s take a deep dive into the background of ‘Blue’ and all the versions we have heard so far.

The first and original version, based on 1999 Eiffel 65’s huge hit with the same name ‘Blue’, was played in Ultra Miami 2017 where he confirmed it was a collaboration with the long-time collaborator, Bebe Rexha. The original version, although as much as gaining respectable success and many requesting it to be released, it was never the final version. Some have criticized it to be a half-baked song because the breakdown and the drop don’t match and felt like Guetta just snipped and pasted onto another random track he or someone else made. The breakdown is inspired by the original 1998 track but Bebe’s vocals give it a different taste. As I’ve noted, the drop was never a final version and it was bouncy with electro house vibes throughout the whole duration of the drop.

The most famous and well-received version of the three is played by Guetta again at Ushuaia 2018. This time, it’s a remix from Brooks and sounds more polished compared to the original from the previous year. The name has been revised to ‘Blue (Feelin’ Alright)’, with the hint to the fans Guetta is releasing both the original and the remix soon. The breakdown is as similar as the original from 2017. Only the drop was heavily modified to sound like old ‘future bounce’ Brooks from a few years back. The structure has the usual ‘future bounce’ but more powerful than typical future bounce tunes of the day, making it unique when it was premiered. The drop also shares some resemblance to a mashup that exploded around the same time made by ‘Sound of Legend’; which he mashed with Guetta’s breakdown and his take on the drop of the same classic hit. A lot of people liked this remix even more and preferred this to be released instead of the original. People were hoping David would release it soon, considering the huge success ‘Like I Do’ received in February of that year.

One year passed by and no word on the second version or anything regarding the track. The time has once again arrived for Ultra Miami 2019. This time, Brooks premiered another version. This is the last version ever to be premiered so far. Some speculated this had become the original, scratching the remix and Guetta bringing Brooks again to make the original, becoming the third collaboration of DG & Brooks if they were to release this officially. However, this is the least favorite of the bunch, several people hated and wanted the second version to be the original instead. They premiered new lyrics for Bebe in the second breakdown, but the drop is considerably weaker than the previous two. It resembles the generic future house music, ditching the bouncy vibes of the original 2017 version and the 2018 remix. The last version is in the link below.

It’s been 2 years since the last big premiere of the latest version, and we have not heard about anything relating to this tune. What can happen is either David will remake the whole tune alone or along with Brooks into a whole new track, or shelf it because they’ve run out of ideas and the second version is too old to release it. As far as I see it, I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon, and if it is, things won’t be the way we wanted.

Written by Gary San / Delacour Agency

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