Sightseer Unveils Brand New Bomb ‘Our Secrets’!

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Sightseer Unveils Brand New Bomb ‘Our Secrets’!

Sightseer, real name Agripa Silva, kicked off his artistic journey with the impressive release of ‘Blow My Mind‘ and he has not looked back since. Moving in 2020, Sightseer saw success with the release of 5 brand new originals and a 2020 version of the previously mentioned ‘Blow My Mind’. These tracks proved to be a massive success, leading to over 300,000 combined streams. Now ready to take that momentum into the new year, Sightseer unveils a brand new bomb titled ‘Our Secrets’.

As the world attempts to turn back to normal amidst a vaccine rollout, the party needs to be started soon and this single is the perfect one. With memorable vocals and an uplifting tone matched with a high tempo, ‘Our Secrets’ is sure to please any dance floor across the world. For fans of this single, Sightseer has confirmed he will release another eight singles and an EP in 2021 which is sure to please those across the globe.

Stream this single below.

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