What Happened To: Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan – Oussama

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What Happened To: Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan – Oussama

Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan share one of the most prominent friendships in the EDM scene. Both started at a young age, broke through in their own way, and nowadays, both are still active and raising the bar. Together they released a plethora of joint efforts, some of them being ‘BFAM’ on Spinnin’ Records, ‘Glitch’ on Martijn‘s STMPD RCRDS, and ‘Welcome’ on Martin‘s esteemed ‘7’ EP. They also have a multitude of unreleased IDs together, most notably ‘Oussama’ which I will be covering today.

‘Oussama’ is almost 8 years old, made around the time both acts were preparing for their grand breakthrough. This is not your typical big room track everyone was crazy about back then, but rather a blend of electro and future house. The intro kicks things off in a mixture of aggressiveness and lusciousness. At the very end of the break, chords introduce themselves and kickstart a smooth breakdown consisting of Martin‘s signature snaps and vocal chops. Afterward, a buildup vocal starts repeating: “Everyday same sh*t, we get paid.” until it leads the listeners to a drop that, as I have mentioned, mixes electro and future house almost perfectly. The second part of the track is very much the same, only including a couple of additional minor elements in the drop.

Martin Garrix confirmed on Snapchat 5 years ago that it is definitely a Julian Jordan collaboration. Julian Jordan played the ID twice only in the following festivals: Sunrise Festival in Belgium and EDC Las Vegas, both in 2013. An interesting fact is that Martin has never played the track live at all, only Julian did. The main reason we probably won’t ever see this track is because both artists already embraced different styles. Both are a part of STMPD RCRDS, Martin, the label boss, and Julian Jordan, the staple name of STMPD‘s main roster. Both release very different styles of production lately: Martin focusing on his YTRAM alias and occasionally releasing experimental productions as Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan trying to set a trend with his new “hyper house” style. I personally am really curious to see what they will concoct next.

Written by Daniel / Delacour Agency

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