What Happened To: NEW_ID & First Day – Lovestruck

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What Happened To: NEW_ID & First Day – Lovestruck

For all the Axtone lovers out there, this particular track will definitely be familiar to you. NEW_ID is no amateur artist; he was one of the pioneers in the prime years of Axwell‘s Axtone Records. He worked with the bossman himself before and also joined forces with his fellow colleagues Dave Winnel, Years, Tom Staar, and a lot more. However, his last release was in 2018 when he worked with previously mentioned Dave Winnel, which was released on Armada. As for First Day, they are not your traditional EDM group, they are a band who have worked with NEW_ID in the past, which was released on DOORN Recordings. They were planning to release ‘Lovestruck’ on Axtone but sadly it didn’t happen.

‘Lovestruck’ begins fiercely with a strong kick, accompanied by a groovy drum pattern. Soon after, a piano melody begins playing and not long after, the second drop hits with aplomb. The drop contains a certain amount of emotion in it, replaying the aforementioned melody on and on. This same melody keeps replaying in the break until the final buildup starts playing and introduces a completely new lush and ecstatic melody. The ultimate drop hits the listener with force, combining the tribal drum patterns and the jubilant melody together with a strong kick. All in all, it is a treat for every house and groove lover.

The last time it was played was in Summer of 2016. ‘Lovestruck’ completely disappeared from the EDM radar after that. NEW_ID made an amazing mashup between this tune and Axwell & Errol Reid‘s ‘Nothing But Love’. First Day renamed themselves to Tower Lights in 2018 and released their debut album ‘Three One Six’ showcasing their new sound. 5 years after its premiere, ‘Lovestruck’ doesn’t accompany our days and nights like it was supposed to. In the end, all we can do is keep our hopes high, cross our fingers, and hope that maybe one day, we might see the grand return of NEW_ID.

Written by Daniel / Delacour Agency

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