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What Happened To The Final Single ‘Behold’ From Axwell /\ Ingrosso?

The focus today is on a special track, one that should have concluded the Axwell Λ Ingrosso project: ‘Behold’.

After being premiered by the now absent Swedish duo in the closing of day one at Ultra 2018, this gem instantly gained massive hype. In fact, many thought that the duo has given us a taste of the Swedish House Mafia return! To put things back into their context: everyone at the time was anticipating the identity of the “unexpected” act and Swedish House Mafia were strong contenders, so when ‘Behold’ was unleashed it fueled an array of theories. Besides, the two hinted at the reunion in the same set by showing the iconic three dots in the visuals.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into the track. ‘Behold’ starts with a thrilling intro led by arpeggio bass screeches and choirs. Few bars later, drums come in to build up for a massive aggressive triplet-structured drop. What’s impressive about this part and the track overall is the unique sound design. It still sounds like an Axwell & Ingrosso production but with a really fresh touch (Swedish House Mafia return sound?).

The first drop ends with the famous Axwell bass trick: speeding it up and then slowing it down until it reaches a stable pattern. Then, the arpeggios come back quickly followed by the reprise of the notorious vocals from ‘Sun Is Shining’ processed and pitched down. It’s still not clear whether this loop will be used in the final version but it fits amazingly and adds something extra to the breakdown. The arpeggios accompanied by drums lead us to the second climax that proceeds by blending the aggressive triplets from the first one with the melodic elements brought by the breakdown. This structure is definitely special for a mainstage banger but it’s a norm in the Trance scene, which is a clear influence for Axwell.

During 2018, Axwell Λ Ingrosso kept reworking the track between their sets. The main differences between the version played in Miami and the one played in their last appearance at AMF are that the first drop became less aggressive and dry but the break and last climax became more melodic and emotional.

While we know that the duo was mastering the track during the summer, and even said in an interview that it’s named ‘Behold’, we never heard of the track after the death of the project. Swedish House Mafia never played it in their shows either, but rumor has it that it’s still on the table as a group release.

Either ‘Behold’ will never see the light, or it will resurface under a new form throughout the next tour of the Swedish super trio.

written by Louis Delacour / Delacour Agency

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