What Happened To The ‘Unbreakable’ ID Played By Avicii?

What Happened To The ‘Unbreakable’ ID Played By Avicii?

It’s been over 1 year that Avicii‘s posthumous album is released, which contains many tracks that were still unfinished after his death. However, there are still many unreleased IDs where we wonder what happened to them. One of them is ‘Unbreakable’. Played by Avicii at Ultra Miami 2016, a lot of people have asked for it since then. This version never came out but Avicii used the melody for ‘Friend of Mine’ together with Vargas & Lagola.

Let’s talk about its story now. ‘Unbreakable’ is initially a demo sent to Avicii, but also to BUNT. since they had the same manager. They received it in 2013 (way before Avicii so) and have made over 50 versions of the song until now. Over 2 years later, Avicii played his own version of the same song at UMF 2016, so their manager called them and said “Guys, sad news, Avicii played ‘Unbreakable’ live. It is his song now”. That made ‘BUNT.’ sad and happy at the same time since they loved the song, but Avicii was also a lifetime inspiration to them. They said they wouldn’t do folk house if he wasn’t there.

Several years passed and BUNT. finally announced that the final version would come out on July 31st. Since Avicii used the melody in ‘Friend Of Mine’, I think that he cancelled it and BUNT. were now able to release it under their name. But it took many years because of the 50 versions and they had to choose the best one to release. Anyway, the song is out since last week, and I personally can’t get enough of it!

To conclude, BUNT. also remarked that they will donate all the proceeds of the song to the Tim Berling Foundation.

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