What Happened To Thomas Newson, Deorro & MAKJ – Comeback

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What Happened To Thomas Newson, Deorro & MAKJ – Comeback

Both MAKJ & Deorro are some of the best collaborators in electronic dance music. They had worked on a couple of amazing tracks including collabs with Hardwell, Max Styler and Quintino. But they had an unreleased collab, which they hadn’t released since MAKJ himself played the track at Electric Love Festival back in 2015. The collaboration’s title wasn’t confirmed until they mentioned that it was MAKJ x Deorro x Thomas Newson’s project. Sooner than later, the title appears which fans named it as ‘Comeback’ for their collab and its still questioned mark until today!

Both MAKJ & Deorro were best friends and they both hailed from Los Angeles. They likely blend their genres which both have different tastes of music. Deorro usually produced Melbourne Bounce and Latin House while MAKJ quite famed in Bigroom and Electro House but sometimes he does make Bouncy flavor on his music. However, the collaboration was actually a follow-up for MAKJ when he just released ‘Black’ with Dutch wonderboy, Thomas Newson on Protocol. They both became mutual friends until he introduced Thomas to Deorro about his stuff and future plans. Thomas on other hand is just signed to Spinnin’, Smash The House, and Revealed, and his recent collaboration, ‘Wave Your Hands’ with Bassjackers had made him placed highest chart in Beatport.

Due to hectic tours, the trio couldn’t finish the track. MAKJ somehow tested the track at Electric Love Festival in Austria. The track didn’t have an intro and he merely played it with mashup and the drop so he can feel the audience’s reaction whether the track should finish it or not. As he played, the build-up started shaking until the drop started blasted. The venomous drop had given the audience a bouncy kick and he kept playing the track with that drop for 30 seconds before the next play came.

As years passed by, ‘Comeback’ would never be released, and the reason why? Both MAKJ & Deorro didn’t put more effort on that track and the only effort I could hear is from Thomas Newson himself. This is because Thomas refused to continue the project and he left Bigroom since he stepped out into Groove and Tribal at first place. Later that year, he had signed to Armada Music and he started moving to Tech House as he stated that he wanted to bring back his old roots before starting his career as DJ. The two, however, remain active and they kept making music as usual but the aforementioned collab won’t be forgotten by their fans including myself!

written by Devanesh Raj / Delacour Agency

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