What Happened To: TWIIG – Reborn ?

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What Happened To: TWIIG – Reborn ?

We recently started our new concept Persona, starting with the story of an extraordinary duo from Croatia, TWIIG. But now, I would like to write about their unreleased ID which was never released despite being played a couple of times. They called it ‘Reborn’.

Before that, TWIIG’s career had exploded back in 2016 when they signed to Mainstage Music and the legendary label, Armada Music. But then, their releases received massive support from big artists like W&W, Hardwell, Breathe Carolina to name a few.
Besides that, they had collabed with A-list artists like Bassjackers and Steve Aoki. And also, they got asked to remix Armin van Buuren’s remake of ‘Dominator’, after that their number of followers had a huge increase on Facebook.

‘Reborn’ was a new solo original from them, first played during SLAM! FM as an instrumental version by the Dutch duo, Blasterjaxx back in November 2015. The track was mashed up with Israeli Amir Afargan’s Voice of India. At first, the track was still laid out as an ID until it was confirmed that TWIIG was behind it.

I was hoping that they would release the track at the beginning of 2016 but instead, they released ‘Hero’, ‘We Are’, and a bunch of singles. At the end of the year, they played a new vocal version of ‘Reborn’, ‘Nothing Behind’. I believe the vocal has perfectly chopped and arranged them on the introduction and the breaks of the track. Speaking of the drop, they put their hardest aggressive kicks taking inspiration from the golden days of Bigroom back in 2013 – 2014.

Unfortunately, ‘Reborn’s status has gone with no hopes. At the same time, TWIIG’s hiatus also becomes a question mark for us as they stay quiet for a couple of years before they re-appeared with a tech-house bootleg of ‘Day N Nite’ by Kid Cudi and a brand new single of ‘Thought Of Losing Her’ on Controversia. I hoped that they could change their minds and starts making festival materials. Alas, their ‘Reborn’s project would be part of an unforgotten ID in Bigroom history and hardly release it these days unless they can evolve it into a new version with the same melody!

Written by Devanesh Raj / Delacour Agency

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