What Happened To: W&W & Sandro Silva – Domination

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What Happened To: W&W & Sandro Silva – Domination

Over 8 years ago, W&W and Sandro Silva joined forces for the first time and came up with something huge. The Breda duo had shifted towards Big Room after several years in the trance scene. They released ‘D# Fat’, a Bigroom Trance collaboration with the legend, Armin van Buuren. During the year, the two released a couple of releases till they played some IDs, bootlegs, and remixes. Among those IDs, ‘Domination’ is the one to talk about today.

We all are familiar with how Sandro Silva rose to fame with ‘Epic’. The track garnered so much success and eventually, it was time for a follow-up. The collaborators were unknown at first but later known to be W&W. The track shares a huge resemblance with another successful bigroom track of the day – The melody was composed by the duo and Sandro‘s aggressive kick was the main attraction most Big Room fans loved during the golden era of 2013/14. Unfortunately, the collaboration was pushed back year after year and until it was included in a list of unreleased IDs from W&W. Some said they have used a sample which is threatened by copyright, leaving it shelved with many other unreleased tracks in their discography.

W&W premiered this track at Ultra Buenos Aires 2014. It garnered huge success as the tune was breathtaking for the time. Many fans requested for its release, although they did promise it was coming, even though it was in late 2014. This project has lived through a few fan-given names; ID, ‘Domination’ & now ‘Frenzy’. ‘Frenzy’ will probably be the last given name since this song is never slated to be released. The structure of the track overall is extremely outdated for 2021 bigroom standards. The track has its fair share of the spotlight in its peak years of the golden festival era and it deserves the respect in the graves of all dead W&W IDs we’ve ever heard.

Written by Devanesh Raj / Delacour Agency

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