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Will Deezy Releases Addictive New Single ‘Nicotine’!

Following the resounding success of his previous release, ‘Feelings To Fade’, which garnered over 200,000 streams since its July debut, Will Deezy is on a roll with his latest offering, ‘Nicotine’. True to its name, this fresh single is an instant earworm that will have you hitting the replay button from the very first listen.

Clocking in at just over two minutes, ‘Nicotine’ immediately captures your attention with lyrics that linger in your thoughts for hours and days to come. “Can’t get you out of my head, playing on repeat” perfectly encapsulates the essence of this track, with its irresistibly catchy lyrics complemented by addictive synth and melodic elements. This song is bound to leave you utterly captivated.

Will Deezy, a talented DJ and producer, originally hailing from Vancouver, BC, and now calling Los Angeles home, has always possessed an unwavering passion for music, sounds, and instruments. Influenced by the EDM scene from a young age, Will embarked on an experimental musical journey, seamlessly blending an eclectic range of sounds, effects, and genres to craft his unique sonic identity.

In 2017, amidst personal heartbreak, Will made a pivotal decision to take his music career seriously, using it as a creative outlet to channel his emotions. In the face of skepticism and criticism from others, he harnessed this negativity as a driving force to break new ground and connect with his audience through emotionally charged and melodically rich compositions.

Today, under the alias Will Deezy, he’s signed with ChapterEightRecords and Soulz Records, enjoying support from renowned artists such as Alesso. Transitioning from a producer to a live performer is on the horizon, with over 40 unreleased singles waiting to be unveiled.

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